Publikationen 2008

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Böttcher S, Ritgen M, Buske S, Gesk S, Klapper W, Hoster E, Hiddemann W, Unterhalt M, Dreyling M, Siebert R, Kneba M, Pott C: Minimal residual disease detection in mantle cell lymphoma: methods and significance of four-color flow cytometry compared to consensus IGH-PCR at initial staging and for follow-up examinations. Haematologica 93:551-559 (2008).

Hartmann S, Martin-Subero JI, Gesk S, Hüsken J, Giefing M, Nagel I, Riemke J, Chott A, Klapper W, Parrens M, Merlio JP, Küppers R, Bräuninger A, Siebert R, Hansmann ML. Detection of genomic imbalances in microdissected Hodgkin- and Reed-Sternberg cells of classical Hodgkin lymphoma by array based comparative genomic hybridization. Haematologica 93:1318-1326 (2008).

Kaune KM, Baumgart M, Gesk S, Mitteldorf C, Baesecke J, Glass B, Haase D, Siebert R, Ghadimi BM, Neumann C, Emmert S: Bullous Sweet’s syndrome in a t(9;22)(q34;q11)-positive chronic myeloid leukemia patient treated with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor nilotinib: interphase cytogenetic detection of BCR-ABL-positive lesional cells. Arch Dermatol 144:361-364 (2008).

Majid A, Tsoulakis O, Walewska R, Gesk S, Siebert R, Kennedy DBJ, Dyer MJS: BCL2 expression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL): lack of association with the BCL2 -938A>C promoter single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). Blood 111:874-877(2008).

Metzler M, Staege MS, Harder L, Mendelova D, Zuna J, Fronkova E, Meyer C, Flohr T, Bednarova D, Harbott J, Langer T, Gesk S, Trka J, Siebert R, Dingermann T, Marschalek R, Niemeyer C, Rascher W: Inv(11)(q21q23) fuses MLL to the Notch co-activator mastermind-like 2 in secondary T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Leukemia 22:1807-1811. Erratum in: Leukemia 22:1812 (2008).

Nieländer I, Martín-Subero JI, Wagner F, Baudis M, Gesk S, Harder L, Hasenclever D, Klapper W, Kreuz M, Pott C, Martinez-Climent JA, Dreyling M, Arnold N, Siebert R: Recurrent loss of the Y chromosome and homozygous deletions within the pseudoautosomal region 1: Association with male predominance in mantle cell lymphoma? Haematologica 93:949-950 (2008).

Russell LJ, Akasaka T, Majid A, Sugimoto K, Loraine Karran E, Nagel I, Harder L, Claviez A, Gesk S, Moorman AV, Ross F, Mazzullo H, Strefford JC, Siebert R, Dyer MJS, Harrison CJ: t(6;14)(p22;q32): a new recurrent IGH@ translocation involving ID4 in B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL). Blood 111:387-391 (2008).

Szymanowska N, Klapper W, Gesk S, Küppers R, Martín-Subero JI, Siebert R. BCL2 and BCL3 are recurrent translocation partners of the IGH locus in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Cancer Genet Cytogen 186:110-114 (2008).

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